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Veritas NetBackup is built to protect the largest and most demanding data center environments. NetBackup delivers breakthrough capabilities for virtualized systems that go well beyond what traditional backup practices can achieve. A single, intuitive management console reveals all backup and recovery activity, allowing consistent policies and service levels to be enforced across the enterprise

As a single solution to protect all of your data assets, NetBackup provides support for virtually every popular server, storage, hypervisor, database, and application platform used in the enterprise today

Key Features and Benefits:

    • Copilot for Oracle — Revolutionary new way to protect and manage Oracle database data. Oracle DBAs maintain control over primary backup and recovery operations while secondary operations (duplication, replication, cataloguing) are managed by NetBackup admins and policies. This feature requires the NetBackup Appliance

    • Accelerator for NDMP — Extends the Accelerator feature to protect NetApp ® systems via the NDMP protocol. Full backup times are reduced to a fraction of what they would normally be

    • Enhanced Amazon® S3 Cloud Connector —Significantly increases backup and recovery performance to Amazon ® S3 cloud storage. Cloud storage providers that use S3 protocols can be supported (after a certification process), greatly expanding the available selection of cloud storage providers.

    • Intelligent Policy for Microsoft ® Hyper-V and SQL Server ® —Extends the Intelligent Policy feature to include Hyper-V and SQL Server policies, allowing new virtual machines and instances to be discovered and protected, and simplifying other aspects of management.

    • Console plug-ins for Hyper-V and VMware® —A new Hyper-V “add-in” for Microsoft ® System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) will give VM admins direct control over certain backup and restore operations. A new VMware plug-in based on the VMware vSphere® web client will provide many of the same capabilities as the previous C# plug-in, while also adding the ability for VM admins to launch Instant Recovery operations.

    • NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP® support —NetApp’s scale-out architecture is based on Clustered Data ONTAP, also called cDOT. In order to support this next generation NetApp environment, NDMP and Replication Director require special integration with cDO

    • Minimize downtime and disruption with integrated bare-metal, physical to virtual (P2V) and virtual to physical (V2P) recovery

    • VMware® Virtual Volume support

    • Veritas NetBackup™ Self Service

    • Integration with Veritas™ Information Map

Protect any workload:

  • Operating system
  • Virtual systems
  • Databases and applications
  • Storage system
  • Cloud platforms

Break the backup window :

  • Accelerator
  • Snapshots
  • Near-continuous data protection (CDP)
  • Scale up with high speed interconnect
  • Scale out through multitaskin

Backup non-disruptively :

  • VM load balancing
  • Limit network utilization
  • Off-host backup with snapshot