VERITAS Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO)

VERITAS Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO)





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Veritas™ Desktop and Laptop Option is a user centric backup solution that provides flexible implementation and centralized administration for backup and recovery of Windows and Mac desktops and laptops in the organization. This highly scalable solution with distributable components is suitable for environments of any scale, be it single-site, multi-site, or having remote offices, allowing you to protect even the most recent files with your users.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Automated Non-Intrusive Backups - Desktops and laptops are protected automatically regardless of the connected network without any user intervention required.
  • Continuous Data Protection - Instantaneous backups with RPO of seconds including support for work-in-progress documents.
    Flexible Implementation - Distributable components to suit the organizational needs and size with the ability to remotely install the agents on desktops and laptops.
  • Ransomware Revival Strategy - Highly customizable backup configurations ensuring a fail-safe plan against ransomware threats.
  • Centralized Management - Dashboard enabled administration console providing a graphical visualization of the endpoint backup environment.
  • Built-in Security & Resiliency - Integrated 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) encryption with automatic Data Integrity checks and interruption tolerance.
  • Storage & Network Efficient Backups - Built-in global source-side data deduplication and bandwidth throttling capabilities for fine tuning backup performance.
  • Automated Reporting - Detailed reports on the endpoint backup environment with predictive backup status reporting for effective monitoring.
  • Self-restore capabilities - Empower end users to browse and restore the backed up files without any support assistance.
  • Instantaneous access to backed up files - Mobile application for iOS & Android platforms for on-the-fly access on smart devices.

Key Features :

  • VPN-less Backups over the Internet - Automatic network selection ensuring seamless backups over an available internet connection when computers are not connected to the corporate network.
  • Delta Backups - Backup incrementally only the changes that are performed on the files ensuring network and storage efficiency.
  • Administrator Dashboard - Easy to interpret, real time interface that provides a graphical visualization of the endpoint backup environment from the operational, deployment and capacity planning perspectives.
  • Backup Status Report - Predictive report enabling administrators to monitor the status of backups across the organization which can be configured for auto generation.
  • Rollback Restore - Enhanced Restore capabilities with point-in-time restore or backed up files and detailed reporting on the restore activities.
  • Alerts and Notifications - Empower the administrators and specified users with detailed alerts and notifications for regular updates on the endpoint backup environment.
  • Audit Trail - Enabling organizations for compliance by providing accountability for the actions performed within the endpoint backup environment.
  • Endpoint Migration Utility - Empower end users for hardware refresh scenarios with options to effectively migrate their files from one laptop to another.