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GFI MailEssentials protects your email network against email-borne viruses and other malware threats using advanced email filtering technologies and up to five antivirus scanning engines.

GFI MailEssentials features :

  • An arsenal of anti-spam filters
    • SPF blocks spoofed emails
    • Greylisting blocks emails sent with non-RFC compliant techniques used by spammers
    • Directory harvest protection blocks emails sent using random and exhaustive email address-generation techniques
    • DNS blacklists (DNSBLs) utilize a wealth of information gathered from distributed community data collection techniques to fend off botnet spamming
    • SpamRazer determines if an email is spam utilizing email reputation, bulk email detection, spamming technique detection and extensive content analysis
    • Bayesian filtering uses a mathematical approach based on known spam and ham (legitimate email)
    • ‘Language Detection’ plugin that detects and blocks spam in specific languages
  • Up to five antivirus engines
    • GFI MailEssentials ships with the powerful VIPRE and BitDefender Antivirus engines
    • You can also add in the McAfee, Kaspersky and/or Avira antivirus engines for the ultimate protection
  • Protection against email exploits and Trojans
  • Centralized management console
  • Protect your users against phishing and spyware
  • Email content policy enforcement
  • Web-based console with integrated reporting
  • Email management tools
  • Full Unicode support
  • Support for virtual environments

    Available in three editions:

    • GFI MailEssentials UnifiedProtection Edition: Comprehensive server-based solution, that protects your network against spam, viruses and other email-borne threats
    • GFI MailEssentials - Anti-spam Edition: Server-based anti-spam and anti-phishing
    • SpamTitan Private Cloud - EmailSecurity Edition: Multi-layered security against viruses and other malware

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